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Top Choice guides families through the college search and application

process for freshman and transfer students.

Education: We explain all of the following one-on-one:

  • Admissions process

  • Naviance/SCOIR

  • Timelines

  • Financial aid


  • Common Application

  • Essays and more.

Personalized College List:

  • We build and update a balanced, custom list of colleges to match your student's academic, social, and financial profile. Our proprietary FitScore ranks each college's fit to your student.

Standout college applications:

  • Apply on time: We create an application plan so students stay on schedule.

  • We coach students to submit strong essays to convey their unique personality and traits.


Top Choice charges affordable hourly fees or a 20 hour pre-paid "early bird" discounted package, which allows families to get expert support, regardless of their budget.

We accept personal checks, Zelle and Venmo payments.

Service Area

Top Choice is based in Needham, Massachusetts, but we help students everywhere using Google Meeting, Google Docs, email and phone call support.

Contact Us

To schedule a complimentary phone call or "Meet & Greet" video meeting


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