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  • Eric Stutman

Why every high school senior needs an Application Plan

By the beginning of their senior year of high school, students have probably researched tens of colleges, and visited as many as a dozen of them. When it is time to finalize their college list, it is important to create an Application Plan. This plan organizes the application process and makes it easy for the student, and their family, to see when they plan to apply to each school, the order of applications, and which applications may not need to be completed depending on the outcome of the others.

When I create a plan for my clients, I consider factors like early action, decision, rolling, and priority deadlines, as well as the student's rank of favorite school to date, number of supplemental essays required by each school, and which schools are impressed by a student's demonstrated interest.

See the sample plan below, and contact me regarding questions or to build a plan for your student.

Top Choice Application Plan

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