• Eric Stutman

Quinnipiac U. Too..., or just right for you?

I enjoyed my tour of Quinnipiac U., and discussion with an admissions officer. Ask me if "QU" is for your student.

Overall, I found Quinnipiac not too...

* Small or Large: 7,000 undergraduate students and 3,000 grad students.

* Near or far from Boston: 2 hour drive. 20% students from Mass, most of the rest from CT, NY, and NJ.

* Easy or hard to get in: 66% acceptance rate is reasonable, and lower than it used to be for QU. Nursing, PA, and PT programs are more competitive. Rolling admissions, so apply early.

* Much or little school spirit: Division 1, but no football.

* Low or high retention and grad rates: 85% retention and 76% 6-yr grad rates are good, not great.

* Expensive or cheap: $63,770 cost of attendance is on par with other private schools, but 77% merit aid is generous.

Other thoughts:

* Campus is very pretty, but students can't walk to any town/food/stores which is annoying and isolating.

* Engineering program is a nice addition, but only 6 years old with 6 choices of majors.

* Reputation: Trying to reduce preppy, party reputation, but it still exists at some level. Also trying to increase academic reputation, which is working with addition of Engineering, Nursing, and Medical schools.


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