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  • Eric Stutman

Cool new admissions features in Naviance

Have you logged into Naviance recently? They have enhanced the admissions graph, aka scattergram, and I think it is cool. The scattergrams now allow for turning on and off types of admissions results, viewing data point values, x- axis zooming, and x-axis dragging. All of these features allow you to see your student's data point more clearly compared to his/her peers.

Turning on and off types of admissions results means that you can remove all of the denied (red Xs) from the graph, to see the accepted (green check) student data points more clearly. Vice versa you can turn off the accepted points to focus on the denied data. In addition, now when you hover over a data point, the GPA and SAT (or ACT) test score for that point is clearly shown.

You can now zoom on the X axis by scrolling up on your mouse when hovering over the graph. This spreads out the data points and allows you to see specific SAT/ACT score data with less clutter. Since zooming will push some data points off the screen, you can now click in the graph and drag it left or right to see more data when zoomed in.

Give it a try or give me a call to see the new features. Enjoy! Eric

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