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  • Eric Stutman

College visit summary for UMass Lowell

Please contact me at 617.240.6899 or for the full report.

Vital stats

10,500 undergrads, 17:1 student:faculty ratio.

Public, State University.

84% freshman retention rate.

54% 4-year graduation rate.

Semi-urban, public, co-ed.

57% acceptance rate;

Getting there

Lowell, MA is about 40 minutes north of Boston, about 10 minutes off off rts. 495 or 3.

Surrounding area

City of Lowell, a large, town which was important in the industrial revolution, but is now rundown and not very pretty.

Curb appeal and Campus

Mix of architecture styles including modern, new buildings with a lot of glass. The Merrimack river separates “north campus” from “east campus”. “South campus” is ½ mile down the road from east campus. South campus is more of a traditional liberal arts arrangement, but mostly homely cement buildings.

North campus has all of the science, engineering and business classrooms. East campus has the campus center and store, and most of the dormitories. South campus has most of the other majors of studies, as well as a small amount of dormitories.

The state has put a lot of money into UML to improve it's reputation including the University Crossing building in 2014 ($95 million), student center in 2016 ($34M), Saab innovation center in 2012, Usuites dorms in 2013, Riverview suites dorms in 2013, health and social sciences building in 2013, and business school building in 2017.

Eric's opinion, not fact

UML is heading in the right direction with many new facilities and a growing sense of pride and spirit. However, in my mind it is still well behind U Mass Amherst in terms of desireability due to the gritty town, large commuter population, and disjointed campus layout.

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