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UConn visit report from a MA resident view

I visited U Conn in Storrs, CT on February 2, 2017. Here is my report. Feel free to comment.

Date of visit 2/2/2017

Reviewer Eric Stutman, Top Choice College Consulting

School visited University of Connecticut, Storrs, Marshfield, CT

Vital stats

18,000 undergrads, 50% male, 16:1 student:faculty ratio.

Public, State University, flagship location.

93% freshman retention rate.

81% 4-year graduation rate.

Rural, public, co-ed.

43% acceptance rate;

Getting there

Uconn is in central Connecticut, about 2 hours from Boston, 40 minutes from Hartford, and an hour from Bradley Airport.

Surrounding area

Rural Connecticut. Hills and cows.

Curb appeal

Mix of architecture styles. Reminiscent of Umass, but a bit prettier since there are fewer concrete buildings, and no buildings over 7 stories tall.


Huge 4000 acre campus, but much of that area is unused land. Said to loosely resemble a target where most classrooms are in the center of campus, then rec and dining halls, and dorms on the perimeter. One main road through campus.


Since Storrs is a small town, most students live in university housing all four years. There are a number of themed dorms, like green or business students. Supposedly Uconn is much less of a commuter school than it once was.


Considered New England's best Public university, a small notch above Umass.

Business students are directly admitted to the program out of high school, unlike some other large public schools like Maryland, Indiana, Wisconsin and others.

Students are automatically considered for the honors college when they apply to the university. Students must take 4 core requirements.


8 main cafeterias, all with basic student favorites, and each with additional themed food. Students consult a phone app to see which hall has the best entrees each day. Food is pay per item, not swipe and eat all you want. Uconn's Dairy Bar makes ice cream with cream from the university's cows.


One seen on the tour. Nothing unusual to report.

Greek life

Some fraternities and sororities, but do not dominate the campus or social scene.


Division 1 sports program. Basketball teams win national titles. Football and men's hockey games are off campus in Hartford, but the university provides transportation.


Not much for a state school. 5% African Americans, 10% Asian Americans, 8% Latino, and small international population (4%).


No affiliation.

Getting in

About 43% overall acceptance rate, but no indication of in-state rate vs. out of state rate. About 22% of students are from out of Connecticut.

Offers early action and regular decision deadlines.

Demonstrated interest is not a factor in admission.

Eric's opinion, not fact

Uconn is a nice state university with quality academics and facilities. Relative to UMass Amherst, it has about the same number of students, but has a bit more attractive campus, and has a bit more school/sports spirit. However, UMass has a nicer college town, and costs about $20,000 less per year for a Massachusetts resident. Unless U Conn has a program not offered at UMass, I would not recommend it for a Massachusetts student.

Discussion with Admissions Officer

None available. Info session and tour both given by students. This was surprising. Parents can't ask questions directly to admissions staff, as is common at info sessions, and the students have to take over two hours out of their day for the info session and tour. The tour is a little too long, 90 minutes.

uconn bookstore

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