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  • Eric Stutman

The key to a standout college recommendation letter

Almost all colleges and universities require a letter of recommendation from a teacher (or two) and from the school guidance counselor. How can you or (your son or daughter) ensure that the letters written about you are a cut above the rest? The key lies in the student and parents providing great information to the teacher and school counselor.

Let's face it; teachers and school counselors usually work with hundreds of students, and often don't have the time to get to know each of them very well, either outside of class or at all. However, that person CAN write you a great letter of recommendation if you help them to know you better.

If your school has a student and/or parent questionnaire for this purpose, FILL IT OUT! Tell them all the great things about your academic career, extracurricular activities, and personality that help them get to know you better and write a standout, detailed, recommendation that could just make a difference to an admissions officer if your application is right on the border of admit/reject. Putting in some effort on the parts of the application you can control, are what make your application the best it can be.

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