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  • Eric Stutman

Tips to narrow down the college list

Well, It's almost September, and since most of you will be applying early action if not early decision, it's close to the time to finalize your college list. If you are like most students, then 8-12 schools is enough. Let's plan on 10, with 3 academic "reach" schools, 4 "target" schools, and 3 "safety" schools. Your list may still have 15 or 20 on it so it is time to make some hard decisions to whittle it down to 10.

Tip 1: Pick your top 5. What are your must keeps as of today's information and visits? Keep them!

Tip 2: Eliminate schools that are just too far or have too narrow an academic focus (business only, tech only) to be practical for you. You won't go there even if you get accepted.

Tip 3: Choose safety schools wisely because those are the ones that may offer you a merit scholarship and could be your lowest cost to attend. I can help you identify how generous schools are with merit aid.

Good luck, and call me with any questions and comment below!


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