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  • Eric Stutman

Rising seniors summer to do list (sorry!)

Sorry, rising seniors, but you have a lot to do this summer! What, you ask (groan)?

1. Trim your college list. Think hard about which schools on your list you would actually apply to. If your list is more than 12 schools, make the tough decisions and pare the list down to the top 10 or 12.

2. Finish up your college essay. You probably started the essay in 11th grade English class. Take the time to finish the essay and get people you trust to review it for grammar and spelling.

3. Start your common application. Create an account at and start filling in the blanks. In the Fall, you will be able to add school-specific essays and info so you can get your applications in early.

4. Relax! You should be proud of yourself doing these things before the deadlines approach.

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