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  • Eric Stutman

Naviance tip - Overlaps

Parents and students should use Naviance to learn a lot about colleges and how likely they are to be admitted to any school. Today's tip is the Overlaps tab. View the profile of any college in Naviance by clicking on Colleges, searching for the college, and clicking on the college name. Right below the domestic admissions info is the OVERLAPS link. This will tell you a lot of interesting information. The main purpose of this link is to show you what other colleges students from your high school applied to when they applied to the one you searched. In addition, this table shows you the % of students accepted to that college from your high school, as well as the average SAT, ACT, and GPA of those accepted. Click on another school in this list and look at its overlap schools. You will get some new ideas using this feature. Need more Naviance help? Contact Eric!

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