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Comparing College Rankings to Help Students Find an Academic and Social Fit

College rankings can be helpful to students searching for a college fit and for colleges hoping to improve their prestige. Each source of college rankings is based on specific criteria which make them more suitable for certain purposes than others. This article summarizes some of the best-known college rankings and suggests how they are best used by students and their families. Top Choice Academic Value Summary These rankings attempt to identify american colleges with smart students, happy students, and a surprisingly high acceptance rate. The rankings are based on all objective statistics including college graduation rates and admission rates. Best uses Assessing academic fit. Help for stud

Wentworth visit report: Great location and career focus

Here are my thoughts of a recent visit to Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston. Location: Abuts Northeastern University and Mass College of Art. Views of the Museum of Fine Arts, the Prudential tower and Hancock building. Proximity to Harvard teaching hospitals helps students get Co-ops. Campus: Small, but nice. Good amount of green space for an urban campus. New Center for Engineering, Innovation and Sciences follows other updates in the past few years that help the students keep up with technology. Academics: Technology focus, which is what students and employers are looking for. Two required Co-op semesters (like neighbor Northeastern), give students a leg up in finding a job after

How to get a discount at a New England State University

New England State Universities have a program where students get a discount of about $8,000 at another state university if they choose a major in a subject that is NOT available at their own state university. For example, a major in Statistics is not offered at U Mass Amherst, but is available at U Conn. A Massachusetts resident who attends UConn for Statistics will pay about $8,000 below the U Conn out of state tuition rate. To read more, click on one of the pictures below. To see the details for Massachusetts CLICK HERE