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Q and A Of College Visits

No matter how much research you do with brochures, book, and websites, there really is no substitute for visiting a college in person. You need to see for yourself the area surrounding the campus, the scale of the campus, the vibe you feel, and if the current students look like a community where you would belong. Here are answers to the most common questions I am asked about college visits: Q: When should we visit? A: When your students are in any grade of high school, it is a good idea to visit a campus if you happen to be traveling to another part of the country for a vacation or other reason. In the Fall of 11th grade, I suggest you start visiting your local colleges, looking for examples

What it means to be on a college waitlist

After all of that work applying to a college, and then waiting to hear a decision, you have been "waitlisted". Q: Why do colleges have waitlists? A: Every year, each college has to guess (estimate) how many of the students they accepted will take them up on their offer and submit a deposit before May 1st. If too few students accept their offer, they will have empty beds in the fall which means they will lose money! Therefore, schools put some students who just missed the cut on their waitlist just in case they still have a few spaces after May 1st. Q: Why do colleges claim that waitlists are not ranked? How can that be? A: Waitlists aren't ranked because colleges don't know what type of stud