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Apply in August? Maybe, for rolling admissions

Most rising high school seniors are not planning to do much regarding college applications during the summer, but if they want to apply to those with rolling admissions, they should. Rolling admissions means that a college reads applications, and sends decisions out, as they receive them, starting in August. Based on the yield the college expects (the number of students who accept their offer of admission per 100 accepted), they accept students until they think their class is full. This is different from schools with deadlines, who compare all applicants before sending out acceptance letters (emails). Therefore, it is clear that a student interested in a college with rolling admissions shoul

Quinnipiac U. Too..., or just right for you?

I enjoyed my tour of Quinnipiac U., and discussion with an admissions officer. Ask me if "QU" is for your student. Overall, I found Quinnipiac not too... * Small or Large: 7,000 undergraduate students and 3,000 grad students. * Near or far from Boston: 2 hour drive. 20% students from Mass, most of the rest from CT, NY, and NJ. * Easy or hard to get in: 66% acceptance rate is reasonable, and lower than it used to be for QU. Nursing, PA, and PT programs are more competitive. Rolling admissions, so apply early. * Much or little school spirit: Division 1, but no football. * Low or high retention and grad rates: 85% retention and 76% 6-yr grad rates are good, not great. * Expensive or cheap: $63,