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College visit summary for UMass Lowell

Please contact me at 617.240.6899 or eric@topchoicecollegeconsulting.com for the full report. Vital stats 10,500 undergrads, 17:1 student:faculty ratio. Public, State University. 84% freshman retention rate. 54% 4-year graduation rate. Semi-urban, public, co-ed. 57% acceptance rate; Getting there Lowell, MA is about 40 minutes north of Boston, about 10 minutes off off rts. 495 or 3. Surrounding area City of Lowell, a large, town which was important in the industrial revolution, but is now rundown and not very pretty. Curb appeal and Campus Mix of architecture styles including modern, new buildings with a lot of glass. The Merrimack river separates “north campus” from “east campus”. “South ca

Top tips from "Paying for college without going broke"

I recently read the Princeton Review book, Paying for college without going broke. Here is a link to the book on amazon.com. https://www.amazon.com/Paying-College-Without-Going-Broke/dp/1101920424 This is an excellent book that every family should read. Here I will try to summarize what I found to be the most important ideas in the book. These ideas are worth reviewing with your college and financial advisors. TIPS AND INFO TO HELP MAXIMIZE NEED-BASED AID - Don't put savings in the student's name because the aid formulas (FAFSA and CSS/Profile) assume up to 20% of student savings are available to pay for college, but only about 5% of parent's savings. -Your annual income (up to 20%) counts m