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Top 5 reasons parents hire a college consultant

Parents whose eldest child is in 10th or 11th grade often wonder why so many other parents hire a college consultant, aka an independent educational consultant (IEC). Some of the top reasons are as follows: 1. To reduce stress for parents and students. Junior and senior years of high school are challenging for students who are contending with schoolwork, extracurricular activities and social lives. Parents are busy and want the best for their children. Hiring an IEC reduces stress by allowing the expert to guide parents and students through the process so they can relax and enjoy knowing that they will find multiple schools that are a good fit, and will compose a quality application. 2. To i

Why most students should apply Early Action to college

There are many benefits of applying to college Early Action (EA), and only a few cases when applying early may not be advantageous. While Early Decision (ED) programs are exclusive and binding, EA programs merely allow students who apply earlier in the year (typically before November 1st) to find out if they are accepted to a given college earlier in the Winter (typically before the end of December). Unlike ED, students may apply to multiple schools for early action, with only a few exceptions like Stanford and Harvard which restrict students to apply EA only to their school. Finding out a decision in December instead of March takes a lot of stress out of the student and their family's lives