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Book Review: Standout app is a standout book

How to prepare a standout application, is one of the better books I have read regarding the college application process. While the authors are usually concerned with helping clients get in to Ivy League schools, the tips in the book apply to everyone. Their premise is that, based on GPA and standardized scores alone, a student is LMO, or Like Many Others. The authors aim to help you create an application that will help set you apart from the many other students whom you are like. The book covers many areas of the process, from extracurricular activities, college essay, and financial aid. The sections on essays are aid are thin, but have some useful examples for the reader. This one is worth

Do colleges care if they are your top choice?

Does it help your chances of admission at a college if they are your top choice? The answer is "sometimes". Showing your interest in a school, or "demonstrating interest" can be done in a number of ways including registering for, and attending an on-campus info session, emailing an admissions officer after a visit, or asking for an on or off-campus interview. Some schools do use this demonstrated interest in their admissions decision. One way of knowing if a particular school cares is to look at the student interest row in the school's common data set, usually found on their website. Typically, large state schools do not take your interest into account, and many private schools do. Ask Eric

Naviance tip - Overlaps

Parents and students should use Naviance to learn a lot about colleges and how likely they are to be admitted to any school. Today's tip is the Overlaps tab. View the profile of any college in Naviance by clicking on Colleges, searching for the college, and clicking on the college name. Right below the domestic admissions info is the OVERLAPS link. This will tell you a lot of interesting information. The main purpose of this link is to show you what other colleges students from your high school applied to when they applied to the one you searched. In addition, this table shows you the % of students accepted to that college from your high school, as well as the average SAT, ACT, and GPA of th

Crazy U for entertainment, not research

2 of 4 Stars. Crazy U, One Dad's crash course in getting his kid into college, by Andrew Ferguson, is an entertaining, fast read about his experience as a dad when his son was applying to college. Ferguson got really stressed out by a high-priced college consultant and worrying about his son's essay. He needed to hire a good college consultant more than anyone. He was stressed out, and his son left application and essay writing right until the application submission deadline. These are two things I could have helped him with, and prime reasons to hire a consultant. Read this book if you want a quick read about his experience, but this is not a guidebook that will relieve your stress or help